Monday, July 27, 2009

Robin is Batman's lil' bitch

A friend and I were talking about the concept of the "Lil' Bitch", especially in movies and tv. For example, Robin is Batman's lil' bitch. And Gilligan is the Skipper's lil' bitch. When you start to think about it, the lil' bitch can be found in almost any show and sometimes in multiple ways. For example, in LOTR, isn't Frodo considered Gandalf's lil' bitch? But certainly Sam is Frodo's lil' bitch. Ironically, even though Luke Skywalker was the hero of the original trilogy, he was a lil' bitch to many of the characters including: His Uncle, Obi Wan, Yoda, Darth Vader, the Emporer, occasionally Han Solo, Princess Leia and even Chewie. Who were his lil bitches? C3PO for sure, R2D2 and arguably, the Ewoks. Upon looking at his character this way, one can certainly question his hero status. Geez, he blew up the damn Death Star, the guy should have more lil' bitches than that!

Inevitably, you are bound to apply the concept to your own life. Whose lil' bitch are you? Who are your lil' bitches?

The matter can definitely become confusing. Of course I am my boss' lil' bitch whether I want to admit that or not. I am also a lil' bitch to my landlord and several credit card companies. But do I have any lil' bitches? I don't think so. I know that I would certainly treat any lil' bitch of my own with a gentle but firm hand, keeping them happily in their place. Someday, I tell myself, someday.